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Tue, Sep 14, 2010


For the new blogger, blogging can be exciting and filled with challenges. You may be inspired to jump into the mix of how to blogs, but the most important part of any blog is content. Google’s Blogger is a very popular platform used by a lot of bloggers today mainly because it’s easy to use. Something that a lot of beginning bloggers may overlook is the importance of backing up their content. I’ve been blogging for about two years or so and now and I’m thinking of moving from Blogger to WordPress.

Exploring this process made me realize that you can import your blogger blog into WordPress very easily. Simply sign up for a WP blog. Once that’s done in the main control panel  under Tools click import. Select Blogger at the top of the page. Type in your blogger address. Follow the remaining steps and your done. Now just in case something ever happens to your blogger page you still have all your data.

The WordPress method gives you a copy in the cloud, but we are going to make a local copy just to be safe. Simply go to the Settings Tab in your Blogger account. Click Export blog, download and your done.  Periodically you will want to go back to your WordPress account and redo the import process to update subsequent post you do on Blogger. I hope this helps Happy Blogging.

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5 Responses to “Backup Blogger Post with WordPress”

  1. Ms. Ileane Says:

    Hi Madden, This is a neat idea. I never thought about making a backup of my Blogger blog this way, thanks for the tip

  2. Boonchai Says:

    Good information

  3. Gera Says:

    As I'm in blogger and really I don't know how to back up, these tips come very handy. Thanks for sharing!Cheers,Gera

  4. Deeba PAB Says:

    Would you believe that I'm contemplating migrating to WP, and did just this 2 days ago. I still have to export a back up out of WP, but I'm a little on track. Now hopefully you'll lead non techies like me to migration too!Cheers!!

  5. Madden Corner Says:

    Thanks everyone for your coments. I'm glad you enjoyed it.