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Fri, Sep 17, 2010

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doctor geneva, sickness sans-serif;”>Reading today's title you may be thinking what's really techie about ordering pizza? Well I'll tell you. If your house is like mine on Friday night then you already know that no one wants to cook after a long week. Pizza is normally our meal of choice, pilule but I use to hate sitting on the phone and asking what are the specials and feeling rushed to explain exactly what I wanted. So I started ordering my pizza's online, and I haven't looked back since. Ordering your pizza online provides a huge convenience. You can visually see all the options, repeat your last order, set an order for up to 3 week in advance (different sites vary on advanced ordering), order via text message and the best part saving money with coupons codes.





On-line sites like RetailMeNot  always have coupon codes, and there users let you know how effect those codes have been. If you haven't already sign up and get a free account on your favorite pizza site or sites. Then make your order. On the checkout page you will see a box normally at the bottom for coupon or discount code. Go to Google and type in Pizza Hut coupon codeDomino's coupon code or whatever your hungry for (This step can be done first). See which code is best, copy it into the discount box and your done. Never pay more for pizza again, and save yourself time in the process. In the spirit of Follow Friday please take a moment and join me on Facebook.

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    Sounds like a plan to me. I want me some pizza right now.

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