Data Plans: How much Data do You Need?

Fri, Nov 12, 2010

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for sale geneva, rx sans-serif;”>Recently I was looking at data plans because I'm thinking of buying the new Samsung Galaxy Tab from Sprint and was wondering how much is 2GB or 5GB of data a month. I know everyone's usage is different, and there has to be an easy way to figure these things out. That's when I came across a nice sliding scale from AT&T. Since where talking about data the company is irrelevant, but the scale works great and can give you a good idea on what the right plan is for you. I figured with a combination of the data plan and using wifi at home 2GB would do me just fine. Do any of you already have a data plan? Let me know what you think and what company you use.


Update: 07/06/11

With carriers changing their unlimited data plans when you upgrade to a new phone its now more important than every to know how much data you are really using. Verizon has been the next to announce they are axing their unlimited plans this week. The sliding scale in the link above will give you an idea of how much data you're currently using. Make sure your informed before you get hit with an enormous bill for data charges. 

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