What’s new in the HTC Evo Android 2.3 Upgrade

Tue, Jun 7, 2011

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medications geneva,sans-serif;”>HTC Evo owners can finally rejoice as Android 2.3.3 aka (Gingerbread) has finally been delievered.  There are no major cosmetic changes  (most changes are under the hood) , but  here is a list of a few things I have noticed.

  • When you hold the button to turn off the device you will have 3 options Power off, Air Plane Mode and a Restart function has been added.
  • Shuts down/reboots faster.
  • Downloads short-cut added to the apps menu (also still located under browser setting menu)
  • Switching between screens is more of a fade than a direct change
  • HTC large clock widget actually flips when you go to the home screen
  • Battery Life seems to be improved
  • TelNav has been changed and now there is a free and paid option
  • Android Browser browser settings are more detailed with additional options.
  • Power Control widget and a few other graphic's are slightly different
The only negatives I've seen so far.
  • HTC Sense is having to reload more often.
  • When you try to turn on the 4G antenna it seems to get stuck constantly trying to turn on. Only powering the Evo down and restarting gets it to stop (Simple restart doesn't fix the issue)
  • Netflix doesn't work with 2.3
  • Text to speech not working

Overall I'm happy to finally have this update. Nothing is ever perfect and I hope the 4G issue will be fixed soon. I will say if you have been on the fence about Android HTC has the best Android interface hands-down. HTC will also have the HTC Evo 3D (no glasses required) and 4G Evo tablet coming out on June 24th. If you haven't received the update yet simply go to Menu-Settings-System Updates-HTC Software. So what do you think of the upgrade? Are you having any issue that you were not before? I would love to hear your feedback?

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2 Responses to “What’s new in the HTC Evo Android 2.3 Upgrade”

  1. Gene Gale Says:

    I have seen posts on evo 4g and that the evo 4g its due for an additional upgrade on June 9th. Supposed to add home screen landscape, a sense upgrade, gb keyboard and various small changes. Can any one confirm or deny this.

  2. A. Tatum Jr Says:

    I have not heard about a second update, but I will check on that. I’ve read that HTC will be making and upgrade to the software so hopefully that will cover some of the things your talking about. I like the Evo 3D, but it only has a 5MP camera vs the 8MP on the first model. The 3D is not enough for me to run out and buy it yet.