What is Twitter?

Tue, Jul 5, 2011


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I can't tell you how many times I've heard "What is Twitter"? To some there is still a lot of mystery about the site that's ranked #8 in the United States according to Alexa. So here's the break down for those of you that are inexperienced. Twitter is a microblogging site and you have a limit of 140 characters when creating a message. You can follow almost anyone on Twitter and see what their saying, and mention a user by putting the "@" symbol in front of their Twitter username (Ex. my twitter name is @maddencorner)


You do have the option of making your Twitter account private and it will only be seen by the people you approve to follow you. When you send out a message on Twitter is called a "Tweet".


Once you have an account under the Home screen you will find Trending topics. Twitter’s algorithm identifies the most recent popular topics. This feature can bring things like breaking news stories to your attention or whatever Twitter users are most currently talking about.


What You Can Use Twitter For


In my opinion everyone "likes" something and regardless of your interest you can use Twitter to broaden that connection with Twitter's search box. Use Twitter to follow and stay up to date with the President, Congressional members, local government ,favorite stars, TV shows, news (national and local), sports teams, athletes, favorite causes, airlines will tweet limited deals, businesses make you aware of upcoming sales, find the best coupon deals before Sunday's paper hits, get traffic reports, follow religious leaders, group colaboration and the list goes on and on.


If you can dream it then there is a way use Twitter for useful information. If you found this helpful, or if you have comments or questions please leave them below. Also here are a few Twitter terms to get you started., but for a full list see the Twitter Glossary.



Twitter Terms


Retweeting (RT)- is when you share someone else’s tweet. The RT is placed before whatever the tweet was.


Hashtags (#) – when a number sign (#) is used in front of a word to organize and categorize your information. ex (Headed to #Florida today) You could click on the word Florida and it would bring up all mentions of the word.


Twitter Clients– other programs or websites that can be used to use to twitter that offer unique features to enrich your Twitter experience.


Follow Friday (#FF) Every Friday people give recognition / shout out to their followers.

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    I like twitter too, but hate when people try to spam with it like auto tweeting , following and etc kind of stuff.

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