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Thu, Aug 25, 2011

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About 2 years ago my factory radio died in my SUV. So if figured if I have to by a new one I might as well go all out. So I did some research and decided on Pioneer AVIC F900BT in dash touch screen with built in GPS. However, this was before I got my first Android phone. Now I hardly use the GPS in my SUV. Why? Google maps is more convenient on my HTC Evo and faster when you plan in advance. In my opinion Google maps is one of the great features of Android and there are a few ways you can make the most of it.

Trip Planning

Whether you are on vacation or business we all need directions in an unfamiliar place, but that also means the time consuming task of typing in each address of your destinations into your phone or GPS unit. Google Maps makes this process easy in two ways. On your computer go to Google Maps and sign in. Type in the address of where you want to go (like your hotel or where ever you're staying). Google will drop an "A" of the location. Next click on the "A" and hit "Save to map" and on the drop down menu select "create new map". At the top left corner of the screen click "edit map" and change the map from public to unlisted.

By default any map you create will be public so always make it private unless you intend to share it with everyone.  Now just add more locations and save them to your newly create map using the same steps as for the first location (excluding the making it unlisted part). Now you have your trip locations planned. If you’re on Android, open Google maps and click the layers icon at the top right of the screen. Scroll down and select my maps. Then select the map you created.  There you will see all the locations you've setup on line. Next select the location you would like directions to. Click the name icon when it pops up. Then you will go to the information screen and select directions again.


Choose your mode of travel and hit get directions. If you have the latest update for Google maps it will show you the route. In the top right hand corner select Navigate. You will then have the option of Google navigation or your mobile carrier's navigation of choice. Select navigation icon and it will then give you directions to where you want to go. It may sound a little complicate, but when you go through the process it’s really simple. 

Directions via SMS

When you don't have time to do all that you can get directions on the fly from Google maps and you don't even need to be logged in. Just look up where you would like to go on maps. Click the icon over the location. When the information box pop's up select "more" at the bottom right, then click "send". Select "phone" on the left and type in your mobile number. Google will send you a text message with the address of the location.

When you receive the message click the link and select maps when the choices pop up. Repeat the earlier steps I explained for getting directions and your done.  Now anytime you plan a trip you can be well prepared for the road ahead. My motto is "work smarter not harder". So take advantage of this tip and tell me what you think.

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