Your Internet Connection: Are you getting what you pay for?

Mon, Aug 29, 2011

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find geneva, case sans-serif;”>here 0, 0); “>I'm curious to know how many of you ever check on the speed of your internet connection (speed is measured in mbps)? Or if the internet is working, that's all that matters to you. Well if you haven't thought about it, it should matter! You're paying for a service and promised to get close to a certain speed. Now of course things like the amount of internet traffic and the quality of lines in your neighborhood will play a factor in internet speed, but there should not be a drastic disparity between what your promised internet speed is and what you are actually getting.


To find out what speed you're getting I recommend and Both sites are pretty much the same except will automatically select the server location for you, whereas will allow you to pick the test location (pick the location closest to your home for better results). If the first time around you get very low speeds try unplugging your modem and router (if you are using a router) for 10 seconds and then reconnect everything. Allow the connection to reset and run the test again.

Once you have your results in hand check your internet bill and see what speed your paying for or call and ask your provider. If your paying for 20 mbps and your only getting 5 mbps I would ask the internet provider for a solution. If you have any questions about this please leave your comments and for easy access to the Madden Corner sign up for a subscription.

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4 Responses to “Your Internet Connection: Are you getting what you pay for?”

  1. Vacation Rentals Says:

    great article Tatum. I used this apps and believe me guys it shows the actual results. Nice post…Keep it up. Good Luck. 🙂

  2. Shana T. Says:

    Before I subscribe for a 1.5Mbps internet speed and I’m so very disappointed with the result. I called my provider and let them check my connection, they them told me that its because I operated more than 3 computers.So they recommend me to shift to much faster speed and I now subscribe for a 3.00Mbps, but still I’m dis appointed since I got the same problem as before. I check the my speed using and it shows that my speed sometimes drop to 1.84 mbps and average of 2.8mbps is this fine? I operated 6 computers 3.0mbps could at least make my speed faster right?
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  3. Garry Says:

    Awesome post! In the past I’ve paid for a so-called “fast speed” then I went to these same test sites and found I was only getting a fraction of what was promised. These speed test sites can help keep your Internet service provider honest and make sure you’re getting what you’re paying for!
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