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Thu, Aug 11, 2011


stuff geneva, online sans-serif;”>In the past 12 months numerous websites big and small have been hacked, and after the attacks the hackers will publish user names and passwords on-line. Not surprisingly a lot of users put not effort into their password. This is one of the single most important things you can do to protect your account from a direct attack. If your tired of thinking of ways to be creative with your passwords then try

It's simple to use and they give you a few options to make your password  nice and strong. I also recommend using a program like Key Pass to help you remember all of your passwords and keep them secure. In a digital world password security is something you can't ignore. Also try to change your passwords every 6 to 8 months. You don't want to change them to often to avoid someone figuring out your password methods. So keep those accounts safe, and for more security tips see some of my previous post.

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4 Responses to “Your new password”

  1. Harrison Li Says:

    hey Tatum take a look at this!!
    so you will get an idea of how quick a password can be hacked :S luckily it only works for brute force, and if we have an anti-brute force software then, the whole process is impossible 😀

    • A. Tatum Jr Says:

      I’ve seen an automatic generator that ask you for the number of characters and special symbols you used and it would tell you how long it would take to crack. Mine was about 15 characters long with a good mix oand it told me 68 years. At the end of the day this generator would be better than some things people use like “password”. Yes this was used several times on one of the exposed list I saw. Thanks for commenting Harrison.

  2. Justin Germino Says:

    I use LastPass myself but I don’t use password randomizers as I often have to remember my passwords and have to base them on phrases or something I can remember. My rule is 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, 1 number, 1 special character and no less than 8 characters.

  3. Claude Nougat Says:

    Thanks for the useful info! I’ve had several friends who’ve been recently hacked and it really is becoming scary! At this level of technology, you can probably dream up a password that will protect you 68 years but … for how long? With cloud computing and pulling together lots of computer power, surely we’ll soon see another level of hacking! I hope I’m wrong!
    Claude Nougat recently posted..Ten Tips Plus One Step to Achieve Success in Blogging!My Profile