How to make good use of technology when moving

Mon, Sep 12, 2011


sildenafil geneva, there sans-serif;”>Last month my family and I had to pack our bags and move from the Southern United States to the East Coast. It turned out to be a very interesting first week since we got hit with an earth quake and a hurricane, but that's another story. I'm still getting settled in which is why I haven't written as many blog post as I would like to. So sorry for the delay.


My move didn't happen overnight of course. It took preparation and me being who I am technology. Military life can keep you on the go, but this is the first time I've moved since the digital age of applications and smart phones making life easier. So I'll share a few things with you I used and hopefully they will help you on your next relocation. 


Moving applications and websites


The most important task associated with a move is finding somewhere to live. For this I used the websites Realtor and Zillow. What make both of these sites great are their mobile applications. Set-up and account with both sites and then download both apps. After installing each app apps use your username and password to login. You don't need an account to use either app, but the advantage is if you’re on the go looking for homes/apartments you can save the listing to your account and view it later online. I also used both apps because you may not find the same listings on each site. 


Google Maps is also another great tool.  Some listings may have not added a photo, but with Google's Street View you may be able to see the home and neighborhood you're interested in.  Also if you use the methods in my previous post (Getting the most out of Google maps) you can save all your potential prospects to one map and not have to plot a course for them later when you go check them out. 


Don't move everything


Packing can make you realize all the stuff you don’t want to take with you and I think we all have stuff around the house that we don't use or need, but it may not be worthless either. This brings me to Craigslist.


Craigslist is a great site that has gotten a bad rap, but I've used the site for the past for years for buying and selling and have never had a problem. If you have things around your house you don’t need to move, put them on Craigslist. I had a few items that I know longer had use for. I put them on Craigslist and 48 hours later I made $100. 


See if services are transferable 


Your current internet provider may operate in your new area. Go to their website and see if you can simply transfer your existing services. This will save you money on new account fees.


Use Google Voice


Long gone are the days of getting a new number every time you move. If you're unfamiliar with Google Voice it simply gives you a virtual number that connects calls to your cell phone, home or office. This can be done by a single location or you can ring all phones at once. So you can get a Google Voice number for your new area without having to change your existing cell phone number. And if available you may be able to pick a short name for your number. So when setting up your GV account you could get (555-555-MIKE) as your number if it’s not already taken. 


These are just a few tips I've used in my move, but if you have some of your own I would be glad to hear them, and if you haven't already sign up for an email subscription. 

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  1. Daniel Wood Says:

    Wow, this one is really interesting and useful post i have ever read in my life. I do use Google Maps whenever i visit a new place to mark my way. But Google voice was something i was totally unaware of. Craiglist is really fast – 48 hours, i mean its great.

  2. maxhine07 Says:

    This is a wonderful tip dude. I keep your advice in mind so that I dont have a hard time moving from one place to another.
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  3. Sanjeev Says:

    Google maps and Voice are really great, Zillow and Realtor is something new, I will take a look at those.
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  4. Robert Alan Says:

    I do use Google Maps whenever i visit a new place to mark my way. But Google voice was something i was totally unaware of. Craiglist is really fast – 48 hours, i mean its great.
    Robert Alan recently posted..How to win a lotteryMy Profile


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