Proctect IP: The Internet Killer

Tue, Nov 22, 2011

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search geneva, dosage sans-serif; “>If you haven't heard Protect IP is a bill in congress right now to basically give the U.S Justice Department the right to go after sites that are violating copyrighted material. It sounds great in theory, but you know what could happen when the "Hill" gets to much power.

I don't believe in reinventing the wheel so checkout this video which explains what's going to happen, and make sure you call or email your congressman to let them know you are against this provision. (if you feel inclined to do so) Thanks Lisa Irby for bringing this to my attention.


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5 Responses to “Proctect IP: The Internet Killer”

  1. Sally Brown Says:

    Hi Alvin,

    Thank you for bringing this to our awareness. I have contacted my congressman to ask him to vote against this bill. Sally
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  2. Elijah Says:

    Hackers don’t waste their time on home pc’s. They go after the big boys/girls. Crackers on the other hand will go after a home pc. If you suspect a cracker is on your pc, change your network adapter in the pc. This gives you a new MAC address, making it harder for the cracker to track you down again. Run all protection software and delete all cookies and temp files. Renew your ip address.
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  3. Dan Lew Says:

    I was so against this bill, also SOPA and its big brother ACTA. It’s not yet too late to stop this mess and to act now, or else we will have no more freedom of speech and our internet has been censored by huge stupid media companies out there. But I recently heard that SOPA and PIPA are already shelved by Rep. Lamar Smith for now, but we’re now facing a deadly treaty called ACTA.

    This has to be stopped.

    Dan Lew
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  4. Rudraksh Pathak Says:

    Thanks for this nice article buddy.