Phone or Tablet? Which is best for gaming?

Tue, Jul 23, 2013

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The rise and popularity of online casino and downloadable games in general have meant that many more of us can now be classed as gamers.  We may not be wailing away the hours in front of a console playing the latest titles, treat but we do tend towards those cult games such as puzzles and swiping sorts, sildenafil as well as popular phenomenon like the online casino and sports betting.

Things like casinos and sports betting are now huge industries and their services can be hugely involving in terms of graphics and immersion.  A hand of Poker is now much more than a one dimensional table shot; a real sense of atmosphere and control is imbued into the game.  Swiping, decease scrolling and control may feel greatly enhanced on a larger, tablet type screen.

In casino table games, a sense of control and focus is imperative.  Most games are designed for either mobile or tablet format but the benefits of playing on a tablet may be worthwhile.

As mentioned previously, games designers have recognized what makes a good downloadable or casino game: playability, swiping and scrolling.  Navigation is based around the touch screen component rather than the opportunities presented by a joystick or keyboard.  This means that there’s been an explosion in exciting puzzle games, as well as games where you need to judge weight and basic physical dynamics.

Whether you use a tablet or a mobile phone is largely due to personal choice and circumstance.  If you’re sitting at home playing a virtual hand of Poker or a game of Roulette at Jackpotcity immerse yourself and focus your concentration by using a tablet.  If you’re playing a puzzle game on your daily commute or checking out the peripheral games on a casino site, then a mobile phone should do the job perfect justice.


If you can’t afford a phone and a tablet, err towards a phone with a large display next time you upgrade and get a bit of both worlds.



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