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Quixey Makes Finding Apps Easy for Any Platform

8. July 2011


Tweet     In an app dominated world finding what you really need can be a challenge. Between different platforms and thousands of apps in each market navigating the waters can become frustrating until now. Quixey is a search engine devoted exclusively to apps and also browser add-ons.  Simply type what you need into Quixey and get the […]

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Cloudty Let’s You Report the Weather

5. May 2011

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Glass (Beta)

29. September 2010


Tweet On my daily hunt for something new and cool I came across Glass (Beta). Glass is a nifty add-on for Chrome and Firefox that allows you to share and have a conversation with anyone on top of a web pages in real time. You also can move the Glass box anywhere on the web […]

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15. May 2010

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Tweet About a few weeks ago I came across a program called PlayOn. PlayOn allow you to stream Netflix, Hulu,  Youtube, ESPN and other networks to your PS3, Wii or Xbox 360. Simply download the program and install on your PC. Most of the service don’t require log-ins, but Netflix does and Hulu is optional […]

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Secure your PC with Facial Recognition

11. January 2010

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SkyDrive Explorer

21. December 2009

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Tweet Windows Skydrive offers 25gb of free storage and is not a bad for backing up files, cialis but logging in to access your account every time is not convenient. This is where Skydrive Explorer steps in. It allows you to access your Skydrive account directly from Windows Explorer. Install Skydrive Explorer log into your […]

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