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Time to Safeguard Those Memories

4. February 2011


Tweet A few days ago I was reading the 24/7MoM via Blogengage and Heather was discussing her resent misfortune of a fire starting in her apartment building. She received water and smoke damage, which caused some damage to her computer. Now she’s trying to see if it can be saved. Living in a digital age […]

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Let’s Crate- Online Storage

22. November 2010

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Tweet Let’s Crate is a new Online Storage website currently in the Beta stage created by Sahil Lavingia. Crate gives you 200MB of free storage and is simple to use. Just create a “Crate” to put your files in. Then click on the Crate and drag and drop your files for upload. 200mb may not seem […]

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Free Online Storage

21. June 2008

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Tweet I wanted to touch on this because it’s something we should all be doing. Backing up your music, photo’s and documents is very important in today’s digital world. Sure, you can save them to a CD or an external hard drive, but in the unfortunate case your hard drive crashes or your home goes […]

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Drop.IO (Upadate 8-20-10)

27. May 2008

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Tweet *Drop has a new Firefox Extension that makes moving files easy. Check it out at their website. Drop *Set Drop to expire up to one year.*Web conferencing and chat DropIO is a simple, but pretty cool site. It allows you to share pictures, audio, video and documents securely. Drops are not searchable via the internet. […]

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