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Computer Maintenance is Not Optional

27. June 2011



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How to minimize the effects of a computer virus

13. August 2010


Tweet It has happen to most of us, and if it hasn’t “just keep living” as my mother would say. The dreaded virus on your PC. It was getting a virus on my laptop a few years ago they lead me down a path of becoming a little more tech savvy. I covered how to enter safe boot mode […]

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Secure your PC with Facial Recognition

11. January 2010

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Lap Top Alarm

18. November 2008

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Tweet Hello everyone. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but my day job has had me out of he country, but things are slowing down some, and now I’m back to tell you about LapTop Alarm. This program allows you a little protection when your a Starbucks, and you need to grab something from […]

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29. June 2008

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Tweet KeyScrambler is a great program that scramblers your keystrokes on account login’s. This will protect you from keylogger programs. KeyScrambler is free, but they have some paid versions for more protection. The free version should be enough for most of you though. This version works in Firefox and Internet Explorer. Digg This Post

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True Crypt

12. February 2008

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Tweet If you have ever worried about the security of your documents on your computer then I have just the thing for you. It’s called True Crypt, and it will put anything on lock down you don’t want prying eyes to see. True Crypt accomplishes this by creating a virtual drive on your computer that […]

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