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What you may not know about wifi and how to stay protected

21. November 2011



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Beware of Smishing

20. October 2011



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Keep Your Home Address Out of the GPS

22. July 2011



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Mobile Security

25. February 2011

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Tweet The last few weeks I’ve covered how to protect yourself in various areas of your digital life. I decided to close this out by covering one of the biggest security risk that most of us have; the mobile phone. Our mobile devices have become such an intricate part of our lives and they contain a ton of […]

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DIY "Life Lock" Your Credit

11. February 2011

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Tweet If you watch TV I’m sure you’ve seen the Life Lock ads with the CEO publicly displaying his Social Security number for the world to see. Well even he had his identity stolen (13 times), but that doesn’t have to be you. Credit monitoring is great, but in reality it is really not enough. […]

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Create Your Own Video Surveillance System…..For FREE

27. September 2010

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Tweet Download Programs Needed SkypeVitamin DDropbox Not everyone can afford a high tech security system, so today I will explain how Skype, Vitamin D and DropBox can provide you with what you need for free. If you’ve been keeping up with me you know I’m a fan of Skype from my post on How I […]

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How hack proof is your password?

21. August 2008

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29. June 2008

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Tweet KeyScrambler is a great program that scramblers your keystrokes on account login’s. This will protect you from keylogger programs. KeyScrambler is free, but they have some paid versions for more protection. The free version should be enough for most of you though. This version works in Firefox and Internet Explorer. Digg This Post

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