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Dropbox for Android

21. August 2010

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Tweet This week I’ve highlighted useful Android apps. Today I’m closing out with Dropbox for Android. If your not familiar with Dropbox already it’s a secure website that allows you to sync all of your data between devices. This is achieved by placing the Dropbox folder on your computer that sync’s to your online account. […]

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Blockbuster adds Video Games

11. August 2010

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Tweet I went to update my Blockbuster list last night and saw they are now offering video games. This move puts Blockbuster in direct competition with Gamefly and it is already battling Netflix. BB’s new game offering want cost customers extra and it allows you to have any combination of movies and video’s out at the […]

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Help I can’t find my phone!

10. August 2010

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Tweet Now days a lot of people use there cell phones as their home phones for various reasons, but what do you do when you can’t find your phone and you have no way to call it. One simple way is FoneFindr. Simple and straight to the point. Put in your number and it will […]

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What would happen if the power went off?

12. January 2010


Tweet This Saturday at about 2:00am I lost power for about 9 hours. The freezing temperatures blew two transformers and 1500 people were without power. This continued over the weekend in different areas of the county. I’m sure most people don’t expect something like this to happen in Florida, but it did.  All this would […]

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Why you Shouldn’t Go Cheap on Your Next Cell Phone

8. January 2010

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Tweet In the past few years the cell phone has morphed into the smart phone. I got my first cell phone in 1999 and it was a pre-paid. I only had it for an emergency. Now I can’t leave the house without it. Having a quality smart phone is one of the most important purchases […]

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Why you should buy a PS3

7. January 2010


Tweet If your not a gamer your probably thinking why do I need a PS3? The PS3 is more than a gaming console. I know the Wii gets a lot of hype, but would you rather have a game system or an entertainment system? I’ve had the PS3 for about 4 years now and it’s […]

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Photo Morph and make a baby

7. January 2010

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Tweet Ever wonder what your kids may look like? Well Face Research can bring you one step closer to that answer. The site is run by two experimental psychologists at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. They are interested in “how people read faces and the ways in which this relates to experiences“. Just sign […]

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UnHub- URL Shortener and Bar

4. January 2010

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Tweet UnHub is url shortener service that gives you a little more. You get a digg like bar at the top of the page you forward. The bar provides stats and information on the person who created the link. So every time the link you create is retweeted or forwarded to someone else they will […]

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YouVersion brings the Bible to the web

29. December 2009

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Tweet Not long ago I wrote about YourVersion a site that let’s you personalize the web, but today the focus is on YouVersion. The names are close, but YouVersion has a “higher” calling. YouVersion is an online bible and community. If you find yourself falling behind on your reading YV will provide you with 20 […]

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Dogpile "What is the world searching for"

23. November 2009

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Tweet Dogpile is internet search engine created by Infospace. They use Metasearch technology to give you the best results. Metasearch simply means they combine the results from  Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask. Dogpile also allows you to see what other terms are being actively search for on the site (Dogpile Search Spy) I’m sure you […]

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